How to copy a post on WordPress Website ?

How to copy duplicate a post on WordPress Website ?

This tutorial will let you learn How to copy post and page on Your WordPress site.

This plugin allows users to clone posts of any type, or copy them to new drafts for further editing.



Follow the steps.


Step -1

Download Plugin or Download Latest Version To your computer.


Step – 2

Login to you wordpress site.

Go to


Step – 3

After logging in Your WordPress site.

Click on Plugin + Add New from Left side.


Step – 4

Now, Click on Upload Plugin


Step – 5

Now, Browse Downloaded plugin from your computer, Where you downloaded Plugin According to Step – 1 Above.

and click on Install Now.


Step – 6

Now, Click on Active Plugin


Step – 7

After installing the plugin, Click on All Posts from left side of Admincp.


Step – 8

Now, Keep your Mouse on a Post which you want to copy as a duplicate and Click on New Draft .


Step – 9

Now, Click on Publish




If you want to copy a page then, go to Pages from Left  Side and Follow the tip of this post above.


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