How to stop spamming from comment and contact form for WordPress Website

Stop spamming from comment and contact form for wordpress website



What’s spam ?

Spam is robot which will auto post comment and contact email to your site. Its purpose is to make down your site.

Spam is auto boot which will decrease your resources than real visitor.


To stop it follows the below instructions.


Step -1

Download Akismet Anti-Spam Plugin

To your computer.


Step – 2

Login to you wordpress site.

Go to


Step – 3

After logging in Your WordPress site.

Click on Plugin + Add New from Left side.


Step – 4

Now, Click on Upload Plugin


Step – 5

Now, Browse Downloaded plugin from your computer, Where you downloaded Plugin According to Step – 1 Above.

and click on Install Now.


Step – 6

Now, Click on Active Plugin


Step – 7

After installing this plugin then go to Settings – Akismet Anti-Spam.



How to get Akismet Anti-Spam ?

What’s an API key?

An API key is a string of characters — like abc123xyz456 — that’s used to register Akismet for your site. After you sign up for Akismet, you’ll receive your API key by email.

Once you have your API key, you can activate the Akismet plugin in just a few steps:

  1. Go to the Plugins tab of your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Find the Akismet plugin. Click the Activate link if it’s not already active.
  3. Go to the Plugins / Akismet Configuration tab.
  4. Enter your API key in the box.
  5. Click the Update Options button.

Did you lose your API key?

No problem — we’re happy to resend the API key.


Can I use the same API key for multiple sites?

Yep! If you have multiple personal sites that you want to protect with Akismet, you can use the same API key for each site. Please note that if your site is commercial or for-profit, you will need to have a subscription for each site. You can increase the number of sites covered at a rate of five dollars per commercial site per month or $59/annually per commercial site by following the steps in this guide.

If you’re using the Pro plan, simply sign into your Akismet account, and click the “Change Plan” link.  From there, you can select a new plan, or sign up for the Pro plan and specify how many sites you want to cover.


How about a Multisite install?

Unless every site is purely personal, each subsite in your Multisite install will need to have a subscription, even if using the same top level domain name.




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