How to add meta tags on your wordpress website

Add meta html tags on your wordpress website

Add Title Meta Tag, Description Meta Tag, OG Meta Tag, Twitter Meta Tag Etc.


If you install new wordpress then in your wordpress site meta tags do not show.



Why you should add good meta tags ?

Above mentioned these meta tags will increase your site. Increase rank on google and other sites.

Reduce Duplicate titles and descriptions from webmaster search console.


To add all necessary meta tags follow the tutorial.


Step -1

Download Yoast Seo Plugin

To your computer.


Step – 2

Login to you wordpress site.

Go to


Step – 3

After logging in Your WordPress site.

Click on Plugin + Add New from Left side.


Step – 4

Now, Click on Upload Plugin


Step – 5

Now, Browse Downloaded Yoast Seo Plugin from your computer, Where you download Plugin According to Step – 1 Above.


Step – 6

Now, Click on Active Plugin


Step – 7

Now, go to your site:

and click Right Button of Mouse on Your Website and Click on

View Page Source.

Then you can see all meta tags show in your site.




If you have any issue then comment below.


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