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# Tips-1) How to enable Old Wordpress Editors for Page and Post

When you will install Wordpress 4.9+ It will apear a new Page/Post Editor.

We are used to old Editor.

Step-1: Download Latest Classic Editor Plugin

Download "Classic Editor" Plugin to your Local Computer. (Click Download)

Step-2: Then Login to WP Dashboard

Login to your "yourdomain.com/wp-admin" Dashboard

Step-3: Click to Add Plugin

Then,Click on "Plugins" + "Add New" from left sidemenu of Dashboard.

Step-4: Click to Upload

Now, Click on "Upload Plugin" button.


Step-5: Install Plugin

Now, Browse "Classic Editor.zip" Downloaded plugin from your computer, Where you downloaded Classic Editor.zip According to Step – 1 Above then, click on "Install Now"


Step-6: Activate Plugin

Now, Click on "Active Plugin"

Step-7: Finally Go to Post.

The tip almost has done. Check it. Click on ""Posts + Add New" from Admin Dashboard Left Side Menu.

Now, Enjoy Old Wordpress Classical Editor

All things done.

Output should be:

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