Soundcloud Settings Audio Player with Playlist V2 PHP Script

Soundcloud Audio Player with Playlist V2 PHP Script


Soundcloud requires API key, register here: and enter Client ID in settings: soundCloudAppId

Soundcloud playlist examples

track set:

 <ul id="playlist-soundcloud1">
    <li class="hap-playlist-item" data-type="soundcloud" data-path="" data-limit="5"></li>


user tracks:

 <ul id="playlist-soundcloud2">
    <li class="hap-playlist-item" data-type="soundcloud" data-path="" data-limit="15"></li>


single track:

 <ul id="playlist-soundcloud3">
     <li class="hap-playlist-item" data-type="soundcloud" data-path=""></li>


user likes:

 <ul id="playlist-soundcloud4">
    <li class="hap-playlist-item" data-type="soundcloud" data-path="" data-limit="11"></li>



 <ul id="playlist-soundcloud5">
       <li class="hap-playlist-item" data-type="soundcloud" data-path="" data-limit="27"></li>


Required Description
data-type yes soundcloud
data-path yes soundcloud url
data-limit number of results to retrieve
data-artist overwrite artist name
data-title overwrite song title
data-thumb overwrite thumb image
data-thumb-quality default thumb quality is large. Set different thumb quality:
example: data-thumb-quality=”t300x300.jpg”
data-thumb-default default thumb path for items that do not have thumb set
data-download custom download path or make track downloadable, if track is downloadable by Soundcloud.
data-download (make track downloadable)
data-link playlist item url link
data-target blank/parent,
data-share custom share url link or share soundcloud url.
adding empty data-share attribute will share soundcloud url
data-start media start time in seconds
data-end media end time in seconds
data-playback-rate media playback speed:


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