Configuration Audio Player with Playlist V2 PHP Script

Configuration Audio Player with Playlist V2 PHP Script


Parameter Description
instanceName Unique identifier for player api (instance name must be unique for each instance!).
sourcePath The root location path where all plugin files are located.
playlistList Selector for element which holds list of playlists that can be loaded in the player on start or by request using api method loadMedia.
activePlaylist active playlist to start with from playlistList element.
Leave empty for no playlist loaded.
Check working with playlist section for more info.
activeItem active playlist item to start with.
Enter number, -1 = no playlist item loaded, 0 = first playlist item, 1 = second playlist item.. etc;
Check working with playlist section for more info.
volume 0-1 (number)
autoPlay true / false. Defaults to false on mobile.
preload auto/metadata/none. html5 preload media attribute
randomPlay true / false. Randomize playback in playlist.
loopingOn true / false. On playlist end (last item in playlist) rewind to beginning
autoAdvanceToNextMedia true / false (false = loop current song)
mediaEndAction loop/rewind/stop. Applies if ‘Auto advance to next media’ is false.
youtubeAppId Youtube application id, tutorial here:
soundCloudAppId SoundCloud application id, register here: and enter Client ID.
gDriveAppId Google drive api key, register here: create new project, enable Google Drive API, create Credentials, API key, enter referrer (your domain, you can also use ‘http://localhost’ referrer for local testing).
usePlaylistScroll true / false. Use playlist scroll
playlistScrollOrientation vertical / horizontal. Scroll plugin used:
playlistScrollTheme string. Scroll themes from here:
useTooltips true / false. Use tooltips on buttons. Defaults to false on mobile.
useKeyboardNavigationForPlayback true / false. Keyboard navigation for media (left arrow = previous media, right arrow = next media, space = toggle playback, m = toggle mute)
useDownload true / false
autoReuseDownloadMail true / false. For media download on mobile. Save and reuse user email after first input.
useShare true / false
Supported sharing sites are Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus.
If you would like to modify sharing content look into HAPShareManager object.
facebookAppId Facebook application id, create new application here: and enter App ID
useNumbersInPlaylist true / false. Use numbers in front of title in playlist.
numberTitleSeparator Separator between number and title in playlist
artistTitleSeparator Separator between artist and title in playlist (title in playlist consist of artist + title, if both are available)
useTitleScroll true / false. Auto scroll song title.
titleScrollSpeed Song title scroll speed (number)
titleScrollSeparator Separator between repeated song titles
sortableTracks true / false. Sortable tracks in playlist. Defaults to false on mobile. Requires jquery ui and touch-punch.
playlistItemContent title, thumb (string). Creates title and/or thumb in playlist items. Enter one or both separated by comma.
continousPlayback true / false. Option for continous playback across different pages by remembering playback position using localStorage (remembers active playlist, active item, played time).
continousKey/td> Unique identifier for localStorage continous playback (string, no spacing!).


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