How to Mute Google Ads?

How to Mute Google Ads?


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Here’s something you might not know: This new mute feature is actually not so new! It’s actually been possible to mute an ad since 2012 by adjusting ad preferences.

However, Google recently added this option to its newly-named Ad Settings menu to make it easier and deliver more control to consumers to mute ads on websites, Google and in apps. This feature only applies to ads that are signed up with or partner Google.

On the plus side though, a muted ad preference is carried through to all devices. So, if you mute an ad on your PC, that same ad will be muted on your laptop, smartphone, iPad or other device.

It doesn’t mean you can remove these ads completely, though. You can only remove, or mute, ads from certain advertisers that are partnered with Google. The advantage is that muting an ad will stop it showing up on your screen, and it will stop similar ads from the same advertiser using a specific website.

There are two key benefits to the updated Mute This Ad tool:

  • It recognizes feedback from you via any device as long as you are signed in to Google.
  • Google is planning on expanding the mute tool across more websites and apps partnered with Google to show ads.

Personalize Your Ad Settings

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By going to the Google My Account page and then Ad Settings, you can view which ads are targeting you that can be muted.

  1. Ensuring that you are signed in to your Google account, go to the My Accounts page.
  2. Scroll down to the Personal Info & Privacy section and select Ad Settings.
  3. Scroll down to Manage Ads Settings.
  4. Ensure Ads Personalisation is set to On in order to use this feature.
  5. Advertisers or topics that are triggering the reminder ads being shown to you will be listed and can be muted.
  6. Click the X on the right-hand side of the ad or topic you wish to mute.
  7. Click stop seeing this ad, which can be found in a drop-down menu, to mute the ad.


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