How to Activate Windows XP

How to Activate Windows XP


Follow the steps correctly to activate Windows XP,

  1. Click on the start button on Windows XP after installation.

  2. Then in option, my computers go to properties and click on it.

  3. Check windows activation and click on change product key, then press ok.

  4. Then copy or type Windows XP product keys which are given as above and paste it into the activation


  1. box. Then press ok.
  2. Now you are done by entering your activation key.
  3. Press OK and restart the system to use your Windows XP uninterrupted.

Above is the process how you can use your genuine windows. It’s always better to use genuine windows than a copy, as genuine windows do not create any problems or interruption. Genuine Windows come with full support from its manufacturer Microsoft. So if your budget allows always go for genuine windows and genuine product keys which will help you to get the best out of the product.



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