Blogger VS WordPress: Which is Better and Why?

You want to start blogging and confused, which is better? Blogger vs WordPress guide will help to find the best for you. Blogger is a simple service that allows the users to create a blog and publish it immediately online while WordPress is used for building websites which is related to the content management system.

Blogger helps the users to create simple blogs by creating a free profile on Google account and creating a new blog, Various themes are available there to choose the appearance and layout of the blog. It can be given a title and a URL can be chosen and the user will get access to it with the help of the dashboard. The user can add pages to its blog and can also create posts to add it. They can also respond to comments and perform other tasks that are related to blogs. It will automatically update on their live site if they make any change to their blogs.

Blogger vs WordPress – Detailed Guide to Choose the Best

Blogger VS WordPress

WordPress is open source software that is generally used by the user to create a beautiful blog, app or website. It provides the user with certain features such as beautiful designs, freedom to build anything that they want and side by side it is both priceless and free at the same time. WordPress can be used to make any type of blog, website. The WordPress site can be set up after choosing a hosting plan and picking out a domain name.

After following these steps the user will get access to the WordPress admin dashboard. The user can create posts and pages for the blog with the help of WordPress. you can also edit its settings, add other users and many more. It can also allow its users to use themes to change the appearance of the blog just like Blogger. It also allows them to download and install plugins to add additional features to the blog. It provides functionality and a simple contact form so that users can rank better in their search engines and add e-commerce functions to their websites.

Pros and Cons of Blogger and WordPress

There are many advantages and some drawbacks on these two platforms.

Pros of Blogger

  • It is very easy to set up and use. The users can create it in a few minutes.
  • It teaches the users how to create the content and use all the features provided by Blogger.
  • It does not require any hosting plan it is absolutely free of cost.
  • It also offers options to personalize the blog according to the requirements of the user.

Cons of Blogger

  • The functions provided by Blogger are very basic. It only allows the creation of a standard blog and adding content to it.
  • It only provides limited functions and features to customize the appearance of the blog. It only allows adding of custom codes to the blog.
  • All the content on the blog imported from Google’s servers hence the user can not fully own the content.

Pros of WordPress

  • It is very quick to start a blog with WordPress. It includes a painless process and it can easily handle the quality of the content with the help of WordPress hosts.
  • The platform is very easy to use and learn and also beginner friendly especially for those users who are using it for simple purpose.
  • It provides lots of themes and plugins options to its users to customize their blogs and allows them to shape it according to their needs and wants.
  • WordPress allows the users to add custom codes and complex features to the blogs of those who use it for advanced purposes.

Cons of WordPress

  • WordPress requires a small unit of investment while users start it up. They can go for free WordPress hosting but not for a serious site.
  • It is the responsibility of the users that their site performs well and is secure.

Features of Blogger and WordPress

There are some features that are being provided by both platforms.

Features of bloggers

Bloggers help the users to create their thoughts in an easy way. They can create any things related to their current event, life events or anything.

  • Customized design

Blogger offers many templates that make it easy for users to give it a professional blog look. It also allows them to customize their template and to choose any background image from the hundreds of images, flexible layouts and arrangement of widgets with the help of drop and drag interface. It also allows them to add gadgets such as slideshows, polls or surveys.

  • Publishing voice is easy and free

It takes a few minutes to create a blog with the help of blogger and to start posting images, text, photos, videos and anything else. It is very easy to post the voice of their thoughts by any user with the help of blogger on their blogs.

  • Simple-to-use interface

The users have to follow some simple steps to start posting their content to the blog. Simple to use interface provided by blogger helps them to change the fonts, bold or italicize their content and they can also adjust the colour of the text, alignment and many more. Blogger also saves the new blog automatically without making any interruption in the typing.

  • Free website

It allows the user to create the blog and host it for free. It can be done by just choosing a URL and including a domain name to the blog if they want. The users can change the URL later if they want a different URL.

  • Add photos and videos to the post

The users can easily add a photo to their blog post. It can be done by clicking on the image toolbar present in the option of the post editor toolbar. The pictures are then hosted for free on the blog and they can also print and organize their pictures in an album.

  • Earn money

By posting high-quality content on the favorite topic on the blog the users can also earn lots of money. It is possible with the help of the monetize tab available on the blogger which allows its users to place ads on the blog and make money.

  • Develop community

The readers can follow the blog by adding the follower’s gadget to their layouts. They can click on follow the blog option to add the blog to their dashboard. They can also the image and profile of the blog of others to their profiles to share the blog.

  • Feedback from readers

Any follower can leave their comments on any blog if they like. It is very easy for the readers to leave comments on the posts of the blog and give timely feedback to the blogger. They can leave the comment just below the post, in a separate page or in a pop-up window. They can also add reactions so that readers can provide feedback to the followers easily and quickly with one click.

  • New post notifications

The readers can be allowed to subscribe to the blog they like. It will result in a pop-up notification on their screen when a new post is published by the blogger on the blog. They can even customize their feed and can make changes to email new posts automatically to some email addresses or list of emails.

  • One simple ID

It does not require remembering a number of username or passwords as the users can log in to their blogs with the help of Google Account which helps them to have access to Google Mail.

  • Languages of the world

Blogger is currently available in more than 40 languages which includes French, Italian, German, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and man more. The translation is also available on bloggers for five Indic languages and that who speaks Arabic, Hebrew and Persian can use blogger with the right to left display.

  • Group blogging

The bloggers can easily create a team of the blog which allows them to contribute to a single blog with the help of multiple bloggers. They can decide any member to have authority and authors among them. They can also make their blog private and can put restrictions on the viewers. This will allow full control of the user on its blog.

  • Third-party applications

The user can even choose a host of third-party applications that integrate blogger to make it easier for the user to blog.

Features of WordPress

  • Responsive design

All the websites nowadays have a responsive feature in them. It is essential for those who use websites to use a theme that can allow its users to view the content clearly irrespective of the device. This is because there is a number of people that view the information in the tablets or mobile phones about their blogs.

  • Social sharing features

It is important for the themes of the website to be flexible and expandable. Integration of themes with social media can help the users to reach more people and WordPress have inbuilt tool without the addition of any plugin in it.

  • Multiple page styles

Most of the developers, designers and anyone that build its own website wants to add multiple page styles along with some specific features to their sites. These features are provided by WordPress and also includes contact information, blogs, e-commerce, reviews and testimonials. Each different page has its own style and works with the help of the user to maintain and manage the look of the site and its working.

  • Auto upgrade and support

WordPress allows the designers to support and upgrade the site and its themes and get more reviews in a positive way than those who use the repeated ones. This acts as a backbone of creating and marinating a beautiful website. Premium features typically include high-level supports.

  • Plenty of widgets

The users of WordPress like its feature of inclusion of custom and customizable widgets. Almost every theme of WordPress includes a customizable widget.

Comparison Table: Blogger vs WordPress

Basis WordPress Blogger
Ownership This platform allows the user to own the blog on its own. Blogger is usually owned by Google.
Control The users have complete control over its blog. The users have limited control over their blogs.
Learning curve It provides a little learning curve for its users. It provides no learning curve to its users.
Templates It provides thousands of templates to the users. There are quite limited options of templates for the users of Bloggers.
Software updates Manual updates are being provided by WordPress. It provides automatic updates to its users.
Customization Full customization options are available for the users on this platform. Limited options for customizations are available on bloggers for the users.
Pages allowed It allows its users with unlimited pages on the website to be integrated. It only allows up to 10 pages to its users.


On the basis of the features, pros and cons of both bloggers and WordPress it can be concluded that the WordPress platform is much better than Blogger. When it comes to creating a blog only for writing and not for any other reason, Blogger is a good option and when it comes to making money or creation of long term impact, WordPress is a better option. Blogging is an excellent activity that can help the user to spend their free time in a most valuable manner.

They can build a good audience by having their presence online in a most creative way. But among the two WordPress have more features than Blogger. The users of WordPress can have full control and freedom on their blog and can customize their blogs as they want. There are thousands of designs available on WordPress so that they can make the site look pretty and unique.

The users of WordPress can have full and complete control and ownership, look and feel and the way they present their content. Hence WordPress is the most appropriate option for the blog lovers and in features when compared to Blogger. I hope you are satisfied with the details we provide for Blogger vs WordPress.


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