How to Make Ladybug Rocks

Part 1

Painting the Base

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    Find some suitable rocks. The rocks need to be smooth, flat, and roughly oval-shaped. You can find great rocks at the beach or by the river. You can also buy bags of them at a garden-supply shop or an arts and crafts store. They can be any size you want.

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    Wash and dry the rock. Even if you plucked the rock right out of the water, it may still be coated with grime that might prevent the paint from sticking. Wash the rock using cool water and a scrubbing brush. Pat it dry with a towel or set it out in the sun to dry.[1]
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    Consider adding a white basecoat. You don’t have to do this, but it will help the colors show up brighter. This is highly recommended if your rock is dark-colored, or if you plan on painting it a light color, such as yellow. Simply paint the entire rock white, then let it dry.[2] You can use the spray-on or brush-on kind of paint for this.
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    Paint the rock using outdoor paint, then let it dry. You can apply the paint using a paintbrush or a foam brush. Start by painting the top and sides of the rock. Let it dry, then paint the bottom. This way, you won’t get as messy, and you won’t get fingerprints on your ladybug.

    • You can also use spray paint inside, but painting it on with a brush is a lot more fun!
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    Add more coats of paint, if necessary. If you skipped the white base coat, take a look at your rock again. Is the paint showing up the way you want it to? If it looks a little too dark, add another coat or two of paint. Be sure to let each layer dry completely before adding the next one.[3]


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