How to Locate Arnbjorn in Skyrim

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    Find Astrid. Go to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, west of Falkreath, and speak to Astrid. She will then tell you that a jester named Cicero, another member of the Dark Brotherhood, tried to kill her and that her husband Arnbjorn went after him. Astrid doesn’t know where the two went, so she will ask you to search Cicero’s room for any clues about the jester’s location.

    • This will also trigger the start of the “A Cure for Madness” quest.
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    Go to Cicero’s room. You’ll find Cicero’s room in the easternmost side of the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary. Inside, you’ll see a table with a book on top of it. This is Cicero’s journal. Get the book and take it back to Astrid.
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    Travel to Dawnstar. After reading Cicero’s journal, Astrid will order you to go to the Dawnstar Sanctuary where you can find Cicero, and kill the clown. The sanctuary is located inside the City of Dawnstar, the northernmost city on the map. To easily find Dawnstar, head to Winterhold and take the road that leads to the west. This will take you straight to the city of Dawnstar.
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    Find the Sanctuary. Once you get to the city of Dawnstar, head north towards the shoreline to find the Dawnstar Sanctuary. It’s not hard to find since the sanctuary itself is an enormous cave with large wooden doors. Just near the cave entrance you’ll find Arnbjorn lying on the ground severely wounded, but still alive. After locating Arnbjorn, you may choose to continue with the quest or complete other missions in the game.


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