How to Make Free Calls on an Android


Using Google Hangouts

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    Launch Hangouts. Locate Hangouts on your home screen or app drawer. It should look like a small green chat bubble icon with a pair of white quotes in the middle. Tap to open.

    • Many Android phones come with Google Hangouts pre-installed. If your device does not have it, you can download the app from Google Play.
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    Set up Google Hangouts. If you haven’t set up Google Hangouts, you need to do so in order to make free calls. If you have already set up Hangouts, proceed to the next step.

    • Enter your phone number on the first setup page then tap the “Next” button in the bottom right.
    • The next page should show your phone number at the top, and your email address (Gmail) should be listed at the bottom. Tap “Confirm” to go to the next setup page.
    • As the setup continues and you go through different screens, the app may have a few pop-ups to help with understanding the features of the program. Pay attention to these as they are helpful.
    • After the setup and tutorial, you will be taken to the main app page. There should be two small tabs under your profile picture at the top. The left should look like a little person icon. This is your contact list. The one to the right is the messaging page.
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    Tap the icon of a person. Your contact list will open. These contacts are the ones you have on your device as well as those saved on your Google+ account.
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    Make a free call. Tap the name of a contact you want to call to open his/her profile. At the top right of the page should be 3 icons, a little video camera, a phone, and 3 dots. Tap the phone to make a call, or the video camera to make a video call.

    • Wait for your friend to answer the call. Once he/she does, you will be able to him/her on the screen.
    • To end a call, just tap the red phone icon at the bottom middle of the screen.
    • The contact being called must be using Google Hangouts as well, and be logged in at the time the call.


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