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Making Money Streaming

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    Get a computer or gaming system that you can stream on. To stream online, you’ll need a powerful PC with a good processor and video card. Some platforms like Mixer and YouTube Gaming allow you to stream directly from your console if you don’t have a computer to stream. If you’re a PC gamer, you can get a dedicated streaming computer and play the game on a separate computer or stream and play games on the same machine. You’ll also need a fast internet connection to stream games online.[1]

    • If you’re streaming on one computer, you’ll want a PC with a 4-12 core CPU, 8GB of RAM, and a graphics card that supports DirectX 10.
    • If you’re streaming on a dedicated streaming PC and gaming on a separate computer, the streaming computer does not need a good video card, but does need to have a video capture card.
    • A good gaming/streaming PC will cost anywhere from $1,000-$3,000.
    • To stream at a decent quality, you’ll want an upload speed of 2-5 MB/s and a download speed of 40-100 MB/s. You can do a speed test on your internet connection to see what your current speeds are.[2]
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    Decide which platform you want to stream on. The 3 biggest platforms to stream on include Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and Mixer. Visit each site and determine which platform you’d like to stream on.[3]

    • Mixer is easier to set up, is more interactive, and has a lower latency, or lag, than it’s competitors.[4]
    • Twitch has great monetization options but a much larger audience. This makes it easier to get lost as a new streamer amongst all the competition.[5]
    • YouTube Gaming has a large potential audience and is easy to set up but you cannot start monetizing your stream until you have at least 10,000 views.[6]
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    Create an account and set up your stream. To set up your stream, you’ll need to use streaming software like Xsplit, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), or Lightstream. Decide whether you want to use a webcam so that people can see your face and reactions while you play the game. Then, create your account on the platform you chose and connect your streaming software to the streaming key in your new profile.[7]

    • Open Broadcaster Software and Lightstream are both free to use.
    • Using a webcam isn’t necessary but may bring new viewers to your stream.
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    Interact and build your audience. Talk and interact with your viewers and the people in your chat. You can give advice to viewers or answer viewer questions to grow the bond between you and your fanbase. This will create a connection between you and your viewers which may result in them revisiting the stream. Respond and interact with people on social media. Try to be entertaining in some way so that viewers will want to come back and watch your stream. [8]

    • Keep an eye on the chat for your stream and respond to questions that people ask you.
    • Most streamers are either really good at games or have an entertaining and fun personality.
    • For example, Dr. Disrespect is an online streamer who dresses up in a costume and puts on a tough-guy persona. This makes his stream a high-octane experience that’s also entertaining and funny.
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    Set up a way for your viewers to donate to you. Some platforms like Twitch have a donations system built in. You can also provide additional ways for your viewers to donate by setting up a profile on online donation platforms like Paypal or Patreon. Enable alerts on your stream so that people can leave a message when they donate or subscribe. Add the donation link in the profile for your stream so that people have a way to support you.[9]

    • You can set up alerts live on your stream using software like Streamlabs. You can also configure the alerts to display a live message on the stream every time someone donates.
    • Instead of calling the money donations, you can refer to them as tips.
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    Seek sponsorships from gaming-related businesses. Sponsorships from computer or gaming companies could provide you with a yearly stipend, discounts on hardware, and affiliate links that will generate income every time someone purchases a product using your link or code. Reach out to companies or brands through their contact page or through their sponsorship submission form if they have one. In your message, explain how you can use your popularity to get them more recognition and sales. Set yourself apart from other streamers and gamers by explaining what makes you unique and detailing how you’ll promote their brand.[10]

    • For instance, you could say something like “I have 300 subscribers and mainly cater to kids ages 7-10. There’s a lot of potential in this age range because they are trying to get into gaming for the first time and will ask their parents to buy your equipment if I promote it.”
    • Most companies will have information about sponsorships on their website.
    • Look at popular streamers and see what their sponsors are. Then, go to their websites to find an email address that you can contact.
    • If you have a lot of viewers, subscribers, or influence, companies will be willing to give you better benefits.
    • Typically you’ll need anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 followers to get sponsored, but there are instances where you may get sponsored with less.
    • Companies that offer sponsorships to streamers include Corsair, Razer, and G2A.
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    Build your subscriber count for steady monthly income. On some platforms like Twitch and Mixer, you can get subscribers that pay you every month for access for special benefits like emotes and other exclusive content. To gain the edge over other streamers, make the subscription content unique. You can do this by coming out with exclusive subscriber-only content or by giving subscribers benefits in your chat.[11]

    • Encourage your viewers to subscribe to you so that you can continue coming out with content.
    • Subscriber income could be anywhere from $3 – $10 per subscriber depending on the platform and subscriber level.
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    Enable ads when you get a lot of viewers. Most platforms will allow you to enable ads, which gives you income every time someone views it on your stream. Ad revenue differs depending on which platform you’re on, but you can usually earn a few dollars per ad if you have over 2,000 concurrent viewers.[12]

    • Keep in mind that this may sometimes interrupt people’s viewing experience with an ad.
    • To enable ads on YouTube Gaming, sign up for Adsense in your YouTube Partner settings. Then, go into the monetization settings to enable ads and choose the type of ads that are shown on your stream. You’ll need at least 10,000 views on your stream before you can do this.[13]
    • To run ads on Twitch, apply for their Partner program. Once you’re accepted, navigate to your dashboard determine the length and frequency of ads on your channel. To become a partner, you’ll need to produce regular content and have regularly engaged viewers.[14]
    • You must have 2,000 followers, and stream 12-15 hours each month to qualify for partnership status on Mixer. Once you’re a partner, you can enable ads on your dashboard.[15]


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