How to Get from Gatwick to London


Traveling by Public Train or Bus

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    Take the Gatwick Express for speed and comfort. The Gatwick Express is a train service that goes straight to Victoria in the heart of London. It is meant to transport visitors to and from Gatwick Airport. Trains arrive at the South Terminal every 15 minutes. Getting to London is a short 30 minute trip, and then you can board a number of different transportation options in Victoria to get around the city.

    • The Gatwick Express is usually the most expensive public travel option, but it is the most direct and luxurious. As of July 2018, tickets cost about £20 for a 1-way trip.
    • Be cautious if you arrive at the airport after midnight. Train service may be infrequent until 5 AM.
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    Use the Southern trains for a cheaper trip to Central London. Southern trains actually run on the same rail lines as the Gatwick Express. This is a commuter train, so it may be crowded and take up to 45 minutes to reach Victoria. The Southern pass through Gatwick Airport’s South Terminal about 4 times an hour. This line has plenty of terminals outside of London, so be sure to download a route map at[1]

    • As of July 2018, Southern train tickets cost approximately £16, although the price may vary depending on how busy the trains are throughout the day.
    • Taking a lot of luggage onto this train can be a challenge. You may not find space to store it.
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    Ride the Thameslink trains to move around Central London. This train veers off from the route the other trains use. Instead, you can use it to go directly to stations at London Bridge, St. Pancras, and other locations northeast of Victoria. Thameslink trains run about four times an hour and the ride typically takes between 35 and 45 minutes, although your trip may take longer. It has several terminals in the Gatwick area, including inside the airport.[2]

    • The tickets for Thameslink trains are about £11 as of July 2018, although prices vary depending on when you travel.
    • This train is a commuter train, so it can be crowded and leave you with little room for luggage.
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    Take the National Express bus for a direct route to the city. The National Express bus or coach, as it is sometimes called, usually leaves Gatwick about once an hour. It runs directly from the airport’s terminals to Victoria in Central London, although you can also get service from other major cities and airports across England. This is a cheaper but slower method than the trains.[3]

    • Bus tickets usually cost between £5 and £10 as of July 2018.
    • The bus ride takes at least 90 minutes and may be even longer when the roads are congested!
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    Use the easyBus for a low-cost bus service. The easyBus departs from the Gatwick Airport, as well as from other English airports, twice an hour. Think of this service as comparable to a budget airline. It is cheaper because it doesn’t have a lot of frills, such as many different stops or routes. The bus has no other stations in Gatwick and stops only in West Brompton, but you can then use the nearby Underground station to get to Central London.[4]

    • As of July 2018, tickets start at £7. Many times, you can get them even cheaper than that.
    • Be wary of road traffic. The trips can take 90 minutes or more because of the busy roadways.
    • If you stay in the Kensington area, this can be a very convenient travel service for you.


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