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Deciding on Matte Paint for Your Wall

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    Use matte finish in high traffic rooms. While you can technically use matte paint anywhere in your home, it’s particularly helpful to use matte paint in high traffic rooms like kitchens and hallways. Matte finishes are very durable and tend to conceal imperfections and smears, making them ideal for areas prone to damage.[1]

    • Matte finishes hold up well under humidity and can be scrubbed clean, making them a great choice for the kitchen.
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    Use dark or bold shades of matte paint. Matte paints work well if you want darker, bolder colors. Glossier paints can make bold shades, like bright reds, look overwhelming, but the played down look of matte works well with such colors. Darker colors turn out great with matte paint as well. Try matte paints in deep blacks, purples, and blues .[2]
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    Think about using a matte finish to create stripes. Matte paint can be used to create stripes on a wall. You can either use two different shades of matte to make stripes over a wall. You can also use the same shade, but use a matte paint with a semi-gloss paint. This will create an illusion of stripes, as the stripes will be marked by texture rather than color.[3]

    • If you want a very dramatic look, try varying the finish and the color. For example, try black and white stripes. Paint the white stripes in a semi-gloss paint and paint the black ones with a matte finish.


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