How to Make Paper Poppies


Making Crepe Paper Poppies

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    Create the petals. Use a pair of scissors to cut several circles from red crepe paper. Then layer the circles loosely on top of one another.

    • You can also opt to cut a more traditional flower shape.[1]
    • You can fold and crease the petals to give them more texture and dimension if you like.
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    Create a beaded center. One option for creating the center of your flower is to use small black beads that resemble seeds.

    • To do this, thread approximately 20 black beads onto a piece of flexible craft wire, making sure the wire is bent at one end to prevent the beads from slipping off. Then twist the beaded wire into a tight spiral shape.
    • Leave enough excess wire to create a stem for your poppy and then poke the bare end through the center of your petals, securing it with a dab of glue.
    • If you want the center of your flower to be a bit wider, you can add a small black piece of paper between the petals and the beads.
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    Create a paper center. If you don’t have beads on hand, you also have many options for creating the center out of paper.

    • The easiest option is to simply cut a small circle from black or green construction paper, decorating it with paint, beads, or sequins if you like.
    • If you want a more elaborate design, try cutting a long, thing strip of green construction paper and wrapping it into a tight coil, securing it with glue so it doesn’t come apart. Then wrap a wider piece of black paper around the green coil, making sure the two pieces are flush at one end. Secure this with glue as well, and then use a pair of scissors to cut vertical slits in the black paper, creating a fringe. You can use white paint to embellish the ends of the fringe if you like.[2]
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    Finish the stem. In order to finish assembling your paper poppy, you must add (or complete) your stem.

    • If you used wire to attach the center of your flower, you will already have a stem, but it will be bare wire. To dress it up a bit, wrap green crepe paper tightly around it, attaching it with craft glue. You can also create crepe paper leaves on your stem if you like.
    • If your flower does not have a stem yet, you can attach a green pipe cleaner or stem wire for a stem. Depending on how sturdily you need your stem to be attached to your flower, you can opt to glue it to the back of the flower or poke a small hole in the center of the flower, wrapping the pipe cleaner through and gluing the center of the flower on top of the hole.[3]


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