How to Choose a Pet Sitter

Part 1

Finding Quality Pet Sitters

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    Check out online resources. If you’re unsure where to look for a pet sitter, you can look online. There are a variety of websites that list sitters based on location.[1]

    • Websites like Pet Sitters International and National Association of Pet Sitters allow you to type in your zip code to find pet sitters near you.[2]
    • Sites like Angie’s List, SitterCity, and also provide lists of pet sitters.[3]
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    Ask other pet owners. If you know other pet owners in your area, this can also be a good option. A referral from a trusted friend may be more reliable than an online listing. Try asking friends and family members who have used pet sitting services for the names of sitters they’ve used in the past.
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    Look for signs of quality pet sitters. When finding names of sitters, there are some things you should look for. You do not want to waste your time contacting a sitter who does not have the right credentials.[4]

    • You should make sure any pet sitter you hire has liability insurance. A pet sitter should also have had some formal training.
    • Check to see if the pet sitter works with a veterinarian. You want to make sure emergency services are available if necessary.
    • Make sure a pet sitter provides references. You do not want to hire anyone without contacting past clients first. A pet sitter will have access to your home. You want a list of people who can confirm the legitimacy of a potential sitter.
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    Make a list of sitters able to meet your specific needs. Start compiling a list. In addition to looking for general indicators of quality, take your specific needs into account.[5]

    • Does your pet have any specific medical problems? If so, only list sitters with experience working with animals with health issues.
    • Is the sitter available during the time you will be gone? Do you need an overnight sitter? If so, will the sitter be able to stay overnight?
    • What kind of animal do you have? You do not want to book a sitter who only has experience with dogs if you have a cat.
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    Compare prices between pet sitters. You want to find someone in your price range. Some sitters are willing to negotiate prices, so you do not necessarily need a perfect match. However, look for sitters that are within a reasonable range of what you can afford.[6]

    • Have an idea of how much you can spend per night or per day. Check sitters rates online, or ask them when calling them.
    • Give yourself a general range and only list sitters who fall in that range. For example, say you can afford about $60 to $100 a night. Look for sitters in this range.


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