How to Be Your Clique’s Alpha

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    Choose your beta. Every alpha has to have a good beta. This is a girl who is highly trusted and is usually the girl the alpha knows the most. She is the alpha’s best friend and second-in-command! You don’t need to focus on looks, but make sure she’s pretty. She should be able to get you gossip as well, and make sure she’s not annoying!

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    Don’t let anyone boss you around. You are in charge and no one else should try to take your job. If they try, have your own sneaky way of getting back at them.
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    To be an alpha, you have to act like one. You have to care for your friends and support them. Never ever let anyone get away with teasing them; if you have their back, they have yours. And if they’ve ever been mean to you, maybe they shouldn’t be in your clique.
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    Have a set of rules that aren’t too hard to follow. (Hair down on Fridays, no bootcut jeans, matching charm bracelets on Wednesday. No Walmart or superstore apparel, etc.)
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    Know a lot of good comebacks. People will try to put you down in the beginning so practice how to evil grin, and say something mean without sounding stupid.
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    Know how to get what you want. You have to learn how to manipulate anybody at any time.
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    Become drop-dead gorgeous. Of course this can’t happen overnight. Start working out or join a sport.
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    Form a strong relationship with your friends. The tighter your circle, the stronger you become.
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    Get guys to like you. Read some of the flirt wikiHows and how to handle a boyfriend.
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    Portray confidence at all times. If you’ve ever heard the phrase fake it till you make it; well now is the time to use it.
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    Make sure your friends are pretty! If they aren’t, please help them! If they have blackheads, get them Biore pore strips etc.
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    Solve your friend’s problems or at least help. Have your friends wired at all times and if you sense anything wrong like if your friend needs a partner, invite her to be in your group and if she lost something, help her find it.
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    Use makeup but keep it natural. Alphas cannot look like clowns.
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    Know what’s in. Seventeen, Teen Vogue, and Cosmo GIRL! are suggested magazines.
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    Keep yourself clean! Wash your face, brush your teeth and hair, shave your armpits/legs/and arms are a must. Wash your hair regularly. Hygiene is thoroughly important.

    • Brittney Spears Perfumes are nice: Fantasy, Midnight Fantasy, Curious, Believe
    • Vera Wang Princess and Rock Princess
    • Dior: Miss Cherie and Miss Cherie L’eau for sure!
    • Clinique’s Happy is good.
    • Paris Hilton perfume is very good too!
    • If you buy gift sets, they generally also come with body wash and body shimmer lotion so you won’t have any conflicting scents.
    • Body sprays work too! If you buy the kind by Secret, you can match it with your deodorant for the best effect.
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    Wear tons of deodorant but don’t overuse the perfume.
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    Have a perfect room; it states who you are.
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    Always make sure you have at least one set of eyes on you at ALL times!
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    Make sure your clique is trustworthy! In Pretty Little Liars, Alison and the girls had a secret that bounded them forever! Don’t have something like The Jenna Thing that could get someone in SERIOUS trouble as your secret, and never blackmail anyone!


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