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Upping Your Game with Strategy

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    Spend some time with a pro. If you’ve never played pool much, consider hanging out with someone who knows the ins and outs. You could easily learn how to win at any game by learning everything a pro does before and during the game. They can give you some tips to help you play better, such as how to take a better stance when shooting.[1]

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    See the path. When setting up your shot, envision a line through the cue ball to make contact with your ball. This visualization will help you aim. However, once you are hitting the cue ball, focus on the contact ball, not the path.[2]
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    Bust up clusters of balls early. When running the table, it’s best to deal with clusters as early as you can. That way, if you get on a roll later, you may be able to run the board without dealing with large clusters of balls together.[3]
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    Move balls that are in the way. Deal with problem balls early in the game, either by rearranging the table or hitting those balls into a pocket. That way, you clear up the table to shoot other balls that were blocked.[4]
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    Go for a safety when you don’t have a clear shot. If you can’t see a clear shot, you may be tempted to just hit one of your balls as hard as you can in an attempt to get it to go in a pocket. However, that’s likely to end in disaster. Instead, try taking a safety shot.[5]

    • A safety is where you set up the cue ball in a bad position for your opponent, or you hit your own ball into a position that blocks your opponent. Keep in mind, you still have to hit 1 of your own balls even if you’re just wanting to move the cue ball to an awkward position.[6]
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    Set up 2-way shots to protect yourself when you miss. When you have a difficult shot, setting up a 2-way shot can be beneficial. The idea is that you set up the shot in such a way that if you miss, you won’t have left a chance wide open for your opponent. In other words, line it up so that you are setting up a difficult shot for your opponent even if you don’t make your shot.[7]
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    Cover the pockets. While it’s tempting to hit your balls in that are sitting at the edge of pockets, it can be beneficial to leave them there. Essentially, you’re blocking the pocket so your opponent can’t hit a ball in there without hitting yours in, too.[8]
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    Avoid fouls. Fouls work against you because you lose your turn. Plus, if you foul during a stroke, you don’t receive credit for any balls you hit into pockets. It’s best to avoid fouls if at all possible.[9]

    • Fouls include things like hitting the cue ball into a pocket (scratching), hitting the cue ball more than once, pushing the cue ball instead of hitting it, and not hitting your balls with the cue ball before hitting another player’s balls.[10]
    • You also can’t touch the cue ball with anything but the tip of the cue stick or cause any ball to bounce off the table.
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    Keep an eye on your opponent. Just because you’re honest about fouls doesn’t mean your opponent will be. Watch your opponent as they take their shot to make sure thy aren’t committing any fouls without admitting to them.[11]


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