How to Enclose a Balcony


Using Curtains and Blinds

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    Use outdoor curtains and drapes to enclose your balcony in style. Outdoor curtains and drapes are a great way of adding an elegant touch to your balcony. Depending on the kind of curtains you buy, they may be hung with a rod or attached at the corners of the balcony with brackets or hooks.

    • Outdoor curtains and drapes can be bought at most home centers, hardware stores, and also at many general retailers.
    • Add a dash of color to your drapes by gathering them together with a length of ribbon. You can even swap out ribbon colors for a more festive balcony during holidays.[1]
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    Hang mosquito curtains to keep away the bugs. Mosquito curtains come in a variety of colors and cuts. You can hang these curtains on curtain rods, but the fabric is light and can also be tacked into place around the perimeter of your balcony.

    • Mosquito curtains are usually made of durable, machine washable fabric. If you want an enclosure that’s inexpensive and resilient, these are a great option.
    • Because mosquito curtains are usually lightweight, light colors may be semi-transparent. If privacy is your goal, choose a dark color for your mosquito curtains.
    • If you like the look of outdoor drapes but hate being pestered by bugs, layer mosquito curtains inside the outdoor drapes.[2]
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    Install bamboo roll up blinds. Bamboo roll up blinds offer excellent privacy and some additional protection from the elements. Because they’re relatively solid, they block the wind. Most bamboo roll up blinds hang from simple screw-in brackets.[3]

    • If you live in an especially windy area, you may want to install adhesive Velcro strips at the sides and bottom of the curtain to hold it more firmly in place.
    • When bad weather is on its way, roll up your bamboo blinds. Even well-installed blinds may break in high winds, driving rain, and hail.


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