How to Make Aquarium Setups Stand Out


Selecting Your Fish

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    Choose aquarium fish based on your level of experience, tank size, and time commitment. If this is your first aquarium, choose hardy community fish that can survive your learning curve. Once you have a few kinds in mind, visit some fish stores and choose which colors and breeds you would like to have in your aquarium, making sure they are compatible tankmates. Hold off on buying them until your aquarium is set up and cycled. Keep the breeds you want in mind when choosing the rest of your tank elements.

    • You will need to understand the different kinds of fish that live at the three different levels of the tank.
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    Pick your top-level fish to fill the blank space in the top level of your tank. Top level fish live near the surface. Because the top level of the water does not have much decoration or movement, having top-level fish will give the viewer something to look at in that space. Some species can jump, so take care when removing the cover of the tank.[1]
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    Choose mid-level fish that will be the moving centerpiece of your display. The fish that like to live in the middle space of the tank are usually the most interesting to look at. Many colorful species can make your aquarium more aesthetically pleasing. Be sure to include species of larger fish and smaller schooling fish. Guppies are a popular schooling mid-level fish.[2]
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    Pick your bottom-level fish to help clean material from the substrate. Plecostomus, also known as sucker fish or sucker mouth catfish, are a commonly used bottom level fish that are good cleaners. Crayfish, which are actually crustaceans, come in a variety of colors and will scavenge the bottom of the tank. Remember to add foods that sink quickly to the bottom level.[3]
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    Limit the number of fish to fit the tank. Overcrowding in the tank can lead to many problems and shorten the lives of your fish. The basic rule is for every gallon of water the tank holds, you can have one inch of fish. However, you should aim lower than this because tanks do not actually hold their full amount of water listed due to displacement.[4]

    • Know the full-grown size of the fish species. If you buy fish that are younger, they will most likely grow in size as they age, so when buying fish, be sure to plan for them to be at their full size to avoid overcrowding.[5]
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    Make sure the species of fish will not conflict with each other. Fish are categorized as community, semi-aggressive, and aggressive. Other than explicitly aggressive fish, most fish can coexist without issues as long as the tank is not overcrowded and as long as you avoid putting two of the same species of male together in the tank.[6]
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    Add the fish to the tank only after adding everything else. Once your tank has been set up and cycled, you are ready to purchase your fish and add them to the tank. Buy only a few fish at first, and then add the remaining fish a few at a time, with two week intervals. Sit back and enjoy the view, and don’t be afraid to make changes and upgrades!


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