How to Make a Glitter Painting

Part 1

Creating the Outline

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    Find a simple image online that you want to use. Silhouettes and cartoon-style images with bold outlines work great. Pictures with shading and lots of intricate designs are not recommended for this type of project.[1]

    • You can draw your own image. In this case, draw the image directly on the canvas with a pencil, then click here to continue.
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    Reverse the image using an image editing program. Download the image into an image editing program, such as Paint or Photoshop. Use the rotate option to flip the image so that it is reversed. This will ensure that the image comes out the right way once you transfer it to the canvas.

    • Most computers come with a free image editing program (i.e. Windows computers come with Paint).
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    Edit the size of the image, if needed, then print it out. The image needs to fit on your printer paper without being cropped off. Use the preview option to see how it will print out. If the image is being cropped in the preview, you may have to rotate it horizontally or vertically. You may also have to shrink it.[2]

    • You can print the image out in black-and-white, as long as you can see the outlines clearly.
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    Trace the image onto parchment paper. Tape your image down onto a table first, then tape a sheet of parchment paper over it. Trace over the image using a graphite pencil. Make the lines thick and dark.[3]

    • You can use tracing paper instead of parchment paper.
    • Use a low-tack tape, such as masking tape or painter’s tape. It will be easier to remove.
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    Flip the parchment paper over, then trace the image onto your canvas. Remove the parchment table from your printed image. Flip the parchment paper over, then place it onto a painting canvas, traced-side down. Go over the lines once again with pencil, then pull the paper away to reveal the traced image.

    • You can use a thin or thick canvas meant for acrylic or oil painting. If you don’t want to use a canvas, use a thick sheet of paper, such as cardstock or illustration board.


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