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Making Your Snapchat More Visible to Others

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    Follow as many people as possible to get follows in return. Unlike other social media platforms, you won’t be penalized for adding tons of other users. And people are much more likely to follow you back if you follow them first.

    • When you first create your account, you’ll be asked if you want to automatically follow everyone in your contact list on your phone. Your answer? Yes.
    • You can find out if someone has followed you back by clicking on their Snapcode. If you can see their Snapscore (the total number of Snaps they’ve sent and received), it means they’ve added you.[1]
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    Earn points and trophies to unlock new features. Whether you’re using unique filters, sending private Snaps, or uploading creative videos to your story, you receive points every time you’re active on the app. Those points get you trophies which can grant you access to all sorts of cool features.[2]

    • Trophies are displayed as emojis in your trophy box. You can see your trophy box if you tap on your profile picture.
    • Different trophies have different requirements. For example, you can earn the Ogre trophy for sending 1,000 Snaps taken with the front-facing camera. Or you can earn the Sun emoji if you send a Snap when the temperature is over 100 °F (38 °C).[3]
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    Collaborate with an influencer for a shoutout or a takeover. Asking someone well-known in your sphere to promote your own brand or account puts you in front of all of their followers, who are often similar to your own audience. Send them an instant message, a private Snap, or see if they have a website with their contact information. Let them know what kind of partnership you’d like and what’s in it for them.[4]

    • An influencer can simply give you a shoutout or they can do a takeover, which is when you give them complete control of your account for a set period of time (or vice versa if you’re taking over their account).
    • Influencers are in high demand so be prepared to pay for any partnership. If you have a large following already (over 1,000), however, you might be able to trade a shoutout for a shoutout.
    • For instance, you could send a message to a fashion blogger that looks something like: “Hi Karen! I’m a huge fan of your work and I know a lot of my followers are, too. With New York Fashion Week coming up, I would love to have you take over my account and do a Snapchat story while you’re there, following all the behind-the-scenes action. It would be great exposure for you to be in front of my 1,200 followers, and I will promote the takeover on my own blog and social media, as well. Let me know if you’re interested and I hope we can collaborate. Thanks!”
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    Get featured in a Snapchat Live Story to have your Snap shared publicly. During big events like the Super Bowl or a presidential election, Snapchat posts a Live Story. This is essentially a compilation of Snaps from people who are attending the event. These are public to everyone on Snapchat, so if yours gets picked up, you’ll see a huge surge of views on your Snap.

    • To enter your Snap to a Live Story, record your Snap, then press the blue arrow as if you were going to post it to your own story. But instead of “My Story”, select “Our Story”.[5]
    • Make sure your Location Services are turned on in your phone’s settings. This is how Snapchat knows you’re at the event.
    • The average audience for a Live Story is 10 to 20 million people.[6]


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