How to Play Kings Corners

Part 1

Setting up the Table

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    Deal out seven cards to each player. If your deck of cards came with jokers, extra cards, or instruction cards, remove them from the deck so there are only the 52 standard cards. Shuffle the deck to mix up the cards before dealing.[1]

    • When dealing, deal one card to each player in succession until every player has the right number of cards.
    • Always deal in a clockwise direction, starting with the player to the left of the dealer.[2]
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    Turn up four cards. Turn over the top four cards in the deck and lay them out in a cross-pattern on the table with one card each facing north, south, east, and west.[3] If any kings come up, move them to one of the corners (the open spaces left between the four cards of the cross). Fill the space left by the king with a new card from the deck, face-up like the others.

    • The piles created by these four (non-king) cards are called the foundation piles.
    • Place the remainder of the deck in the middle of the four foundation piles.
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    Have the players pick up their cards. In Kings Corners, players hold their cards in their hands, concealed from the other players.[4]


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