How to Take Care of Your Horse


Grooming Your Horse

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    Lead your horse to the grooming area of your barn. You should have an area or separate stall outside of your horse’s regular stall where you groom her, if you do not have a specific area, then simply just tie her up with a lead rope outside her stall. Whether you have a specific area or not, it is essential that you tie her up, so she cannot get away whilst you groom her.

    • Wear some clothes that you do not mind getting dirty because grooming your horse can be a very messy job.
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    Use a rubber curry brush to loosen up the dirt on your horse’s coat. Move the brush in a circular motion over your horse’s body. To avoid injuring your horse’s more delicate skin, don’t use the rubber curry brush on your horse’s face or legs.[1]
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    Use a dandy brush to remove dirt from the surface of your horse’s coat. With the direction of the hair, move the brush in rapid, short strokes, ending each one in a flicking motion to get the dirt off of your horse’s coat. You should see a cloud of dust come off from your horse’s coat each time you flick the brush.[2]

    • Make sure to use the flicking motion or the dirt will just stay on your horse’s body and may cause irritation. The Dandy Brush is very similar to the Body Brush but it is much rougher.
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    Use a body brush to smooth down your horse’s hair. Use long even strokes on your horse’s coat to smooth out her hair and get any remaining dirt off of her coat. This brush will help your horse’s coat look nice and shiny.[3]
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    Use electric clippers to trim your horse’s body hair. If there are any areas of your horse’s coat that look like they need to be trimmed, use a pair of electric clippers to neaten them up. Don’t use the electric clippers on or around your horse’ face or you may startle her and even injure her. You don’t need to clip your horse’s coat every time you groom it. Wait until it has grown back. Make sure you clean the clippers after use.

    • Never clip inside your horse’s ears; the fur there protects them from dust and flies. You can clip the outsides of the ears.
    • Doing this step is optional, however, it looks better for showing. Blanket your horse in the paddock when it is cold if you choose to clip its hair.
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    Use a mane comb to untangle your horse’s mane and tail. Be gentle and work through major tangles carefully using your fingers to avoid pulling out or breaking any hairs. You can also use the dandy brush on your horse’s tail to get it nice and soft. Don’t brush your horse’s mane and tail every day or it will become amazingly thin and it takes three years to regrow. [4]
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    Clean your horse’s hooves. Stand next to your horse facing the horse’s rump, and use one hand to bend and support your horse’s hoof. Use the hoof pick to remove any rocks, turf, or other objects that have lodged in your horse’s hoof. Scrape away from you so that you do not cause the objects in the hoof to fly towards your body or face.[5]

    • You should also have your horse’s hooves trimmed every 3-8 weeks to keep them in good condition. Shoeing horses is not always necessary. In fact, some experts believe that shoeing can cause problems with the hooves rather than protect them. [6][7]
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    Bathe your horse as needed. If your horse is looking extra dirty, you may want to give her a bath. Start by hosing down her body with warm water to rinse off excess dirt and prep her coat for shampooing. Then, massage shampoo into her coat using a curry brush and rinse. After you have rinsed out the shampoo, massage conditioner into her coat using the curry brush and rinse well.

    • To avoid getting shampoo and conditioner in your horse’s eyes, use a wet washcloth to clean her face.


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