How to Change an iLO Password

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    Connect a keyboard, mouse and monitor to the back of the server.
  2. 2


    Plug the server into a power source. If there are multiple slots for power cords, plug them all in.
  3. 3


    Connect the server to a router that has an internet connection.
  4. 4


    Power up the server while watching the monitor. If the server was already on, turn it off and then on again.
  5. 5


    Wait for the message “Integrated lights-out server, press to continue.” This will happen shortly after an HP Prolite graphic appears.
  6. 6


    Press F8 and go to Users.
  7. 7


    Scroll down to Edit and select Administrator.
  8. 8


    Change the password as desired and press F10 to save.
  9. 9


    Go to Network and select Information.
  10. 10


    Write down the IP address and press Esc to return to the previous menu.
  11. 11


    Go to File and select Exit to quit.
  12. 12


    On your computer, enter in the IP address that you wrote down into a browser and log in using the name Administrator and your new password.


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