How to Cope With Impatient People

Part 1

Responding to Reoccurring Impatience

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    Anticipate impatience at work. When you encounter impatience from a boss or coworker it can actually negatively impact your performance.[1] If you know that you are going to be dealing with someone who is impatient, try to prioritize the work so that you can alleviate distress on both accounts.

    • How you respond to impatience in everyday life will generally depend on your relationship with the impatient individual. Be proactive about handling impatience based on your relationship with the offending person.
    • For example, if you know your boss gets really fussy about reports being turned in at the last minute, push aside other work to have your report turned in early.
    • If you are unable to prioritize helping the impatient person, try to work out a schedule with the individual that meets both your needs. Let him or her know that you see the anxiety and would like to find a solution. Once a schedule has been agreed upon, be sure to stick to it to minimize impatience in the future.
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    Talk to your partner about how impatience affects you.[2] In the case of a romantic relationship, you may have more freedom to express your thoughts and feelings about impatience. “I” statements work well here, also.

    • Plan a time to sit down with your partner and discuss the source of impatience. Does your boyfriend get impatient because you take too long to get ready for dates? Does your wife grow impatient when you can’t make up your mind on what you want for dinner? Both individuals should try to express the issue to their partners. “I feel anxious when you are impatient with me. What can I do to minimize you feeling this way?”
    • Next, try to devise a solution that takes both individuals into account. For example, maybe the boyfriend can arrive a few minutes late to pick up his girlfriend to allow her a few minutes extra to dress. Or, she can get the basics done and finish her makeup or hair in the car.
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    Develop a system to overcome impatience in children. If you frequently notice impatience in your children or teens, come up with practical ways to manage their impatience while also preventing yourself from becoming irritable or frustrated. Again, this will require a mindful evaluation of the problem or a discussion with the individual to see what strategies may work.

    • For a small child that becomes impatient when you are busy or preoccupied, you may be able to provide a toy, activity, or snack to temporarily distract until you are capable of attending to his or her needs.
    • For a teen, the solution will depend on the context. Say your teen gets impatient when she has to wait on you to finish a phone call. You can ask her to write down what she needs and prepare her thoughts on the subject while you finish the call. If your teenage son gets impatient because his soccer uniform isn’t being washed in a timely fashion, he can give you a head’s up when he will need it so you can wash it promptly. Alternatively, you can teach him to do his own laundry. Or, you can purchase two uniforms so that one is always clean.


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