How to Help Poor Children to Have a Better Future



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    Tutor underprivileged students. Education is one of the best predictors of success in children. You can help struggling students succeed in school by donating your time or money as a tutor or a regular person. You might tutor children in reading, spelling, current events, Algebra, writing, cursive, Math, Science, History, and/or English as a Second Language.[1]

    • You can contact any of your local school board and/or schools themselves to see if they have an after-school program/club to tutor children.
    • Some people choose to go abroad to teach impoverished children who might not have access to good schools.
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    Hold a clothes and books drive. Many children do not have basic necessities. New clothes, books, and toys can make a big difference in their life. Working with a group of people, collect lightly used or new supplies for children. Identify a local charity, such as the Salvation Army, that would be willing to distribute these for you. Some things you can collect include:

    • School supplies
    • Gifts for the holidays
    • New shoes
    • Coats, sweaters, and other cold weather clothing
    • Textbooks
    • Musical instruments
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    Sponsor an impoverished child. There are around 400 million children worldwide living in extreme poverty.[2] For a small monthly donation, you can help one child pay for food, school, medicine, and clothes. There are many charities that offer to help you sponsor a child, both at home and abroad. Some reputable ones include:

    • Children International[3]
    • World Vision[4]
    • Save the Children[5]
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    Contact local charities. Some charities might need volunteers to help organize inventory, supervise events, and distribute aid. Call your local branch of a child welfare charity to see what they need. Ask them how you can best volunteer your time.

    • If you are a professional with particular skills, you might be able to offer your services free of charge to help reduce administrative costs for the charity. This allows the charity to devote their resources to helping children. Services you might be able to offer include accounting, contracting work, and legal aid.
    • If your charity is holding a fundraiser or event, you can offer to help out. You might be asked to help sell tickets, run a booth, or clean up afterwards.


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