How to Pass a Basketball


Performing A Chest Pass

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    Grip the ball on both sides with your fingertips pointed towards your chin. Put your fingers on each side of the ball with your thumbs behind the ball and your fingers spread apart. Your elbows should be in front of you and pointed towards the ground. Adjust your hips so they are squared up, and your knees are slightly bent.

    • Pivoting will allow you to pass it to people who aren’t directly in front of you.[2]
    • Make sure to practice how to grip the ball, but don’t hold it in front of you for a long time in a game because it can be easily stolen.
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    Bring the ball towards your chest. Bend your elbows and make sure they are tucked in close to your body.[3] The ball should be close or touching your chest. Make sure to maintain the same grip on the ball. Find an open teammate and position your upper body to face towards them.

    • You should have full control over the ball as you bring it towards your chest, and it should be safe from defenders.
    • If you don’t have a good grip, try putting your hands further apart on each side of the basketball.
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    Take a step with your dominant foot and throw the ball. Follow through to your teammate by fully extending your arms. Make sure as you throw the ball you rotate your wrists so your thumbs point down which adds rotation to the ball.[4] Try to achieve as little arc on the ball as possible as it’s thrown. The more direct the pass is, the less a defender will be likely to intercept it.

    • You should be throwing the pass into your teammate’s chest, not at their head or feet.
    • Try to throw the pass accurately and with power.
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    Bounce the ball instead of throwing it in the air to perform a bounce pass. Though it may appear to be a different pass all together, a bounce pass is performed exactly the same way as a chest pass, except that you bounce the ball on the ground once before it reaches your teammate. To perform one, bounce the ball ½ to ¾ of the way from your teammate, and it’s a great way to fake out your opponent.[5] The ball should bounce and then arrive somewhere around your teammates chest.

    • Use a bounce pass if there is a defender between you and a teammate.
    • This pass is slower than most passes, so make sure you are not too far away from your teammate if you use it or it may be intercepted.


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