How to Remove a Toilet Seat


Taking off a Common Toilet Seat

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    Open the bolt caps to gain access to the seat fasteners, if necessary. These are located at the back of the seat, where the seat hinges. Some toilets may not have plastic covers for the bolts. If yours does, open these covers by prying upwards on them with your finger or a screwdriver.

    • Use light pressure when opening the bolt covers. Generally, it takes little pressure to open these, and using too much force may cause damage to them.[1]
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    Grip the nut fastening the bolt firmly. You should find a nut screwed onto the threaded end of each bolt. Some nuts may have a shape similar to a wingnut, allowing you to hold it in place by hand. If you have a weak grip, the nut is not wingnut-shaped, or the nut is stuck, try gripping it with a pair of pliers or vice grips.

    • The fasteners of your toilet seat may be plastic. Use light to moderate pressure when removing plastic hardware to keep it from breaking or deforming.[2]
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    Unfasten the bolts with the appropriate tool. In most cases, you’ll need to unscrew bolts with a standard screwdriver. While holding the nut on the threaded end of the bolt, insert your screwdriver into the bolt head and turn it counterclockwise to unscrew the bolt.

    • Screwdrivers that are too small can cause the bolt head to deform, especially if the bolt is plastic. Use the largest size screwdriver that will fit your bolt head for best results.[3]
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    Remove the seat from the toilet. Collect the nuts, bolts, and any loose plastic or metal hardware (like the bolt covers) that also go with the seat. Put these small pieces into a sealable plastic bag and tape them to the seat so they don’t become lost. Your toilet seat is removed, now you can install a new one.


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