How to Obey and Respect Your Parents


Listening to Your Parents

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    Avoid disrespectful body language when your parents are talking to you. Show your parents that you care by being attentive when they talk to you. Stand straight with your arms relaxed at your sides. If your parents think you are not listening, then they are more likely to get angry and assume you do not care. Examples of body language that signal a disrespectful attitude are:[1]

    • Crossing your arms and looking the other way.
    • Tapping your foot impatiently while they are talking.
    • Rolling your eyes when you disagree with something.
    • Staring at them aggressively, or glaring at them.
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    Avoid interrupting your parents while they are talking. Let your parents say what they need to say before you respond. Don’t interrupt them in the middle of a sentence if you disagree with something they have said. Instead, wait until they have finished speaking.[2]

    • Once they are finished talking, ask, “May I say something, please?”
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    Ask for clarification. It is ok if you don’t understand what your parents are trying to tell you. If you find yourself in this situation, repeat back in your own words what they said to you for clarification purposes. This way, both you and your parents will be on the same page, and miscommunication is less likely to occur.[3]

    • Say, for example, “What I heard is that you want me to finish my homework and chores before I hang out with my friends. Is that correct?”


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