How to Hide Alopecia


Covering Alopecia Areata

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    Comb or style your hair to hide smaller patches of missing hair. If you’re dealing with a few frustrating bald spots, combing or styling your hair differently can do wonders to hide your missing hair. If you have shorter hair, comb your hair in the direction of the hair loss to cover it. If alopecia affects both sides of your head, consider shaving the sides for a simple undercut. For longer hair, tie it up in a ponytail or bun to cover missing hair on top of your head. If you’re missing hair on the sides, straighten your hair and let it hang over the missing patches.[1]

    • Alopecia areata is a temporary form of alopecia that results in small patches of missing hair. While it may be frustrating now, keep in mind that your hair is almost always going to grow back.
    • If you have traction alopecia, where hair loss is triggered by pressure on your hair, avoid tying your hair up or brushing your hair too often.
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    Spray root concealer near your roots to hide traction loss. If you have traction alopecia, your hair is likely coming out in patches where it’s thinner at the root. Purchase a root concealer that matches the color of your hair. Gently lift your hair up to access the effected roots. Then, spray your root concealer into the missing patch for 3-4 seconds. Inspect the roots to see if the color is filled in and reapply your concealer as needed.[2]

    • Root concealer is typically designed to hide grey hairs, but it can also add color to your scalp and hair to make it look full and give it volume.
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    Apply hair mascara to thinner hairs near smaller patches. Hair mascara is a hair coloring tool used to add streaks of color or cover grey hair. Purchase a hair mascara that matches the color of your hair. To apply it, unscrew the cap on the mascara and brush it into both sides of your thinned-out hair. Continue reloading the built-in brush and reapplying the mascara until the hair around your small patch is thick enough to cover the spot.[3]

    • This is not the best option for larger patches of missing hair, since the mascara doesn’t add color to your scalp.
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    Use artificial hair fibers to cover obvious spots on shorter hair. Purchase a bottle or container of artificial hair fibers that matches your natural hair color. Spray the patch where you’re missing hair with a holding hair spray until the entire area is wet. Then, tilt your head and shake the bottle of hair fibers over your missing patch. Continue shaking the bottle until the hair fibers are covering the area. Then, apply an additional layer of holding spray to keep the fibers from moving or falling off.[4]

    • This is an ideal option if you have a shorter haircut and don’t need to worry about long strands of hair rubbing against the location where you applied the hair fibers. It is not a great choice if you have longer hair, though.

    Tip: You can comb hair over the patch where you apply the hair fibers to make them look more natural. Avoid directly combing or rubbing the area where you directly applied the fibers, though.

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    Wear a hat or head cover to hide temporary hair loss. If you tend to lose hair but it grows back, wear a hat for a few weeks while you’re waiting for the hair to return. Alternatively, wrap a scarf or bandanna around your head at an angle where it will cover your patches of missing hair. Covering temporary hair loss is the easiest way to hide it without putting too much effort in while you’re waiting for the hair to come back.[5]

    • This is a great option if you don’t want to put any product in your hair.


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