How to Make a Watermelon Sketchbook

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    Buy a sketchbook. Get a 80 page spiral bound unlined sketchbook in the size of your choice. If you are unable to get a blank one, you can use a lined sketchbook in the size of your choice.

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    Draw a dome on the cover of the sketchbook. Keep the book vertical and draw a half circle starting at the top of the spiral binder and ending at the bottom.
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    Cut along the line of the dome using a utility knife or Xacto knife. Carefully cut through the cover and all of the pages multiple times until you are through the bottom cover.

    • You may want to place the sketchbook on some scrap wood or cardboard before starting to cut.
    • Be careful when cutting. Take your time and make sure that you cut away from the hand that holds the sketchbook. Never cut towards your hand as the blade may slip.
    • Use scissors if you like.

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    Choose construction paper that matches the colors of watermelon. Choose colors like red, black, dark green, light green so the sketchbook will resemble a watermelon.
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    Trace and cut along the lines to form a half-cut watermelon. You will need to cut small teardrops of black seeds, a smallish dome of red for the watermelon flesh, larger dome of light green for the skin, and a dome of darker green for the outer skin.
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    Paste the cut elements onto each other with white glue. Start with the dark green of the outer layer, then the light green for the skin and after that, the red for the flesh followed by the black seeds. The finished product should look something similar to the image above.
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    Attach it to the front cover of the sketchbook and you are finished.
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    Choose a pencil similar to the book cover as it will match the sketchbook and add style.


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