How to Plan a Bachelor Party

Part 1

Taking Care of the Basics

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    Pick a date. Choose a date for the party that works for the groom, groomsmen and yourself. You should choose a date in the two weeks before the wedding if possible – choosing a Friday or Saturday will make the bachelor party easier for anyone who has to work on weekdays.[1]

    • Keep in mind locations for the party and how busy they’ll be at the time of year you’re going to visit.
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    Talk to the groom about what he wants. Make sure you have clear ideas about what activities the groom prefers and where he wants the party to be. Understand what tone he wants the party to have and what his future spouse wants.[2]

    • As an example, find out if he wants to go to a strip club, or if he wants to avoid that sort of activity altogether. If the answer to this is no, then you need to make it extremely clear to all the guests that the party will not involve strippers or other women.
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    Set a budget. Everyone but the groom should contribute to the party, but as the best man you will be responsible for booking and paying for a lot of the party. Figure out what’s affordable for you and for the groomsmen and other friends to contribute, and set a number.[3]

    • For example, the groom may really want to go on a flight in space, but this is likely beyond your budget, and you could downgrade to something like skydiving instead.
    • Keep in mind that travel costs like flights, trains or driving should be included in the budget.
    • Once you’ve worked out what each person and you can afford, you can set a price per head for the party, for example $300 dollars per head.
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    Choose the main activities. Make a list of possible activities and narrow them down to budget-friendly options that the groom would prefer. Try and avoid anything insanely dangerous or activities that will go wrong if you’re drinking.[4]

    • Your list could include activities and sports such as golf, waterskiing, beach volleyball, wine tasting, paintballing, white water rafting, a large dinner, a night out on the town, or a camping trip.
    • Unreasonably dangerous activities might include things like base jumping, cave diving, wild boar hunting, or a night out in a very dangerous part of a town or city.
    • Try to avoid activities like go-karting, riding motorcycles, chartering a boat or shooting if you are going to be drinking.
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    Make a guest list. Include all the groomsmen as well as the groom’s good school buddies, friendly male coworkers, and male relatives such as brothers and close cousins. You should also invite younger male family members on the future spouse’s side.[5]

    • If you’re not sure whether it’s appropriate to invite someone, for instance the groom’s father, then check with the groom before doing so.
    • You should run the final guest list by the groom for approval before sending invitations.
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    Send invitations. Send out invitations to the party. Make sure the invitations include where the party will be, when it will be, and a mandatory RSVP to you.[6]

    • Keep an organized record of who you’ve invited and who RSVPs so that you have numbers for the party. You can do this handwritten or keep a typed spreadsheet or word document of the information.


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