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1net1 R-90 WiFi Instructions Settings Wifi Name Password – Router Setup

1net1 R-90 WiFi Instructions – Router Setup

1net1 R-90 WiFi Instructions – Router Setup

  • Login To The 1net1 R-90

To get started configuring the 1net1 R-90 WiFi settings you need to login to your router. If you are already logged in you can skip this step.

To login to the 1net1 R-90, follow our 1net1 R-90 Login Guide.

  • Find the WiFi Settings on the 1net1 R-90

If you followed our login guide above then you should see this screen.

Let’s begin this wireless setup guide on the Router Status page of the 1net1 R-90. Click the option in the left sidebar labeled Basic Wireless Settings under the heading of Setup.

  • Change the WiFi Settings on the 1net1 R-90

On this new page use the space titled Name (SSID) to enter a new name for your network. This name acts as identification and should be something unique but not include personal info. To learn more check out this guide.

The next setting you can change if you want is titled Channel. If you do decide to make a change here make sure you use channels 1, 6, or 11. Find out why in this WiFi Channels Guide.

Now go ahead and take a look at the different Security Options. For maximum security we recommend WPA2-PSK (Wi-Fi Protected Access Pre-Shared Key). Learn more in this WEP vs. WPA guide.

Finally change the Passphrase. This is the internet password and should be strong. We recommend using at least 14 to 20 characters here with some symbols, numbers, and capital letters mixed in. For more helpful tips, check out this Password Guide.

You did it, congratulations! Click the Apply button before continuing.

Possible Problems when Changing your WiFi Settings

After making these changes to your router you will almost definitely have to reconnect any previously connected devices. This is usually done at the device itself and not at your computer.


  • Changing the Wireless Network Name (SSID)
To identify your wireless network, SSID (Service Set Identifier) is used. You can change the SSID toanything you want, or you can leave it unchanged. Ifthere are other wireless networks operating in yourarea, you will want to make sure that your SSID is unique to avoid interference. To change the SSID, type inthe SSID name that you want to use in the “SSID” field and click “Apply”. The change is immediate. If youmake a change to the SSID, your wireless-equipped computers may also need to be reconfigured to be ableto connect to your new network name. Refer to thedocumentation of your wireless network adapter forinformation on making this change.
  • Selecting the Wireless Channel
Your router as default is pre-configured to choose the best wireless channel. It does this by looking at thechannels that are being used by Wi-Fi networks andchoosing the best channel accordingly. If needed thischannel can be changed.
  • Wi-Fi Mode
Your R-90 can support three different types of Wi-Fi net
work, types b, g and n. As default the R-90 is set to
support mixed mode (b/g/n). This setting ensures that
nearly all Wi-Fi devices will be able to connect to your
R-90 without any issues
  • Securing your Wi-Fi Network
There are a few different ways you can maximize the secu
rity of your wireless network and protect your data
from prying eyes and ears. Three encryption methods are available.
WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy)
WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) – PSK
WPA 2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2) – PSK

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