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How to Reset the 1net1 ALR-U270 – Router Setup

How to Reset the 1net1 ALR-U270 – Router Setup

How to Reset the 1net1 ALR-U270 – Router Setup

  • The first step in resetting this 1net1 ALR-U270 router is to locate the tiny recessed reset button. Typically it can be found on the back panel or on the underside of the router. We have circled the location of a reset button in the image below.

Now take the tip of a very sharp pencil or pen and press down on the reset button for about 10 seconds. This needs to be done while the router is on. Turning the router off or unplugging it during the reset process could cause damage to the device.

Don’t forget that this WILL erase everything you have done to this router. It’s a good idea to try other options first.

Login to the 1net1 ALR-U270

After the reset process is complete you need to login using the default IP address, username, and password. We have found these for you and included them in our 1net1 ALR-U270 Login Guide.

Change Your Password

After you finish logging into the 1net1 ALR-U270 router you need to change that default password as soon as you can. Never leave a password as it’s default. These are easy to crack because they are easy to find. Change the password to something you create. If you need help check out this Choosing a Strong Password guide.

Tip: Write this new password down somewhere safe. If your router is in a secure location it’s okay to attach it to the bottom of the router for safe keeping.

Setup WiFi on the 1net1 ALR-U270

The last thing we will discuss in this guide is the WiFi settings. Don’t forget that these too have been reset and need re-configuring. If you need instructions on how to do this so you end up with a truly secure network security system check out this guide titled How to Setup WiFi on the 1net1 ALR-U270.

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