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How to increase speed on your Android phone?

How to increase speed on your Android phone?



  • It will increase speed on Your android Mobile.
  • It will remove slowness of Your android Mobile.
  • It will make free your android mobile ram.
  • It will clear your android mobile caches.
  • It will boost up your android Mobile.


Follow the steps.


Step – 1

First, Download and Install Android Assistant from Play Store .


Step – 2

After installing, Open the app on your mobile.


Step – 3

Now, Click on Quick Boost .


Step – 4

Now, Select Cache and Click on CLEAN or Full Scan.

It will automatically clean caches

What’s caches ?

Cache is unnecessary files on your phone which finish your  Mobile Memory space and Make Slow as well, hang your phone.

That’s why you should clean caches to increase mobile speed.


Step – 5

Now, Click on Process and Killed unnecessary running apps.




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