How to access SSH on your Mobile ?

You can work putty and command on your mobile.

Here is easy tutorial.



Follow the steps.


Step – 1

First, Download and Install Mobile SSH APK App or Google Play Store on your Mobile.


Step – 2

Now, Open the app on your Mobile.


Step – 3

Now, Click on Menu from Right side top.


Step – 4

Now, Click on SSH Settings.


Step – 5

Now, Insert your server ip address and insert 22 port and Click on OK.


Step – 6

Your server information is saved to this app. Now Click on Menu from Right Side top and Click On Connect .



Step – 7

Now, it will connect your server then you need login with root and password.


Step – 8

Now, Type: root and click on send.


Step – 9

Now, Type: Password and Click on Send .


Step – 10

Now, If everything is okay then it will connect your server on Mobile SSH.


Step – 11

Now, You can use linux commands to operate your server.

To use command. Type: commands and Click on Send Button.




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